Psychologist – Trainer – Coach – Author – Mum

Monique Toohey wears many hats, or should we say hijabs: Psychologist, Trainer, vocal Social Entrepreneur and now a published Author with her debut book ‘Without You: Rising above the impact of an abusive relationship’.


Monique draws on nearly two decades of clinical work as a Psychologist supporting women and young people to access culturally appropriate psychological services. Using innovative community development and positive psychology strategies she has raised awareness of and directly addressed 2 big issues that impact on the sustainability of families and communities, those being mental illness and family violence.


Her new book Without You delivers masterfully selected vignettes with power and raw impact, navigating readers who might be victims of abuse (whether domestic or corporate) through the most confusing emotions they may ever experience. For the outsider, Without You guides readers through the cognitive, emotional and behavioural elements that keep victims of abuse stuck and supports fluency in the language of detachment.


In her newest venture, Monique has designed an evidence-based framework to coach women to be resilient in the face of resistance in her signature personal development program SUSTAINING AMAZING WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP.


This compendium of results driven tools and concepts for personal sustainability can be conducted in both group and individual format to support the emotional wellbeing and mental fitness of women trying to make a difference in their organisations and communities.


“The customar y understanding of obtaining a work-life balance for women in leadership is flawed and undermines our attempts to achieve personal sustainability” - Monique Toohey


When we talk about sustainability, the least prioritized environments for women are their mind and body. The mismanagement of this system results in women feeling tired and stressed, unfocussed and impairs the quality of their relationships. Physical symptoms manifest as the body screams out saying “STOP, and pay attention to me!! At an executive management level, women experience increasing demands on their energy and are susceptible to compassion fatigue (tired of caring). In our pursuit of success and making and difference, we mindlessly disconnect with our body, emotions and values, to the point that it becomes difficult to feel passion and joy and we start to question whether our work aligns with who we are.


“Helping women to commit to incorporating outstanding personal sustainability principals to action being the difference in their world is the most important goal for me right now” - Monique Toohey



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